Balancing Act 2

by Colored Gray

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Shawn Patel of Producers United
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Shawn Patel of Producers United Wazirs a great dude. The Window is one of the deepest tracks I've heard in my life. I'm absolutely obsessed with the track "Cold Skies" where he has some of his siblings on the track too. Super cool. This is a man you want to know, and will have much success. Favorite track: Cold Skies ( ft. Shafia, Keef, Azeezah, Bakari J.B. ).
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26 years of work
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Track List
1.The Window
2.You Were There
3.Love ( ft. A.Zero )
4. My Own Home
5. Modern Man
6. Constellation Libra ( ft. April Stanford )
7. 2min28sec Later
8.Abducted ( ft. Keef )
9.The Veil ( ft. A.Zero )
10.Time ( ft.Shafia Gray )
11.Cold Skies ( ft. Shafia, Keef, Azeezah, Bakari J.B.)
12.What We Once Were ( ft.Gabriel )
13. So lo w
14.Honest Statement ( ft.Shafia Gray )
15 No Slippin ( ft. Bakari J.B. )
16.Amazing Breakdown
17.Hollow Drum
18.Where Have You Gone
19.Can't Stop
20.The Next Three Days
21.We Must Not Let It ( ft. Alan Watts, Bakari J.B.)
Engineered/Produced entirely by
Alex Allinson-
Phone# 860-810-5256

Joe Dusenbury-
and all around Karate Badass

Wazir Gray

No Slippin Produced by Jdubeats Engineered by Nikko Govan
Featuring Artists
A.Zero - .Love , The Veil

April Stanford - Constellation Libra

Keef - Abducted , Cold Skies

Shafia Gray - Cold Skied, Time,
Honest Statement,

Azeezah Gray - Cold Skies

Bakari J.B. - Cold Skies, We Must Not Let It

Gabriel- What We Once Were

Beat Production By
Aaron Green
Tracks - My Own Home, Hollow Drum, The Next Three Days

Spenser Horgan
Track- Abducted

David Bellow
Track- What We Once Were

Track- Honest Statement

No Slippin

Chris Felner
Track- Where Have You Gone

Suave Harrison
Track - Amazing Breakdown

Sean Divine
Track- Time

Alex Adot Lipinski
Tracks- You Were There, Love, Constellation Libra, Cold Skies, So lo w

Dan Mcdonald
Tracks - Can't Stop


released October 12, 2013

Whole Family, Every Friend, a few foes and a few strangers. Naida & Craig Simpson, Richard G., Alex Allinson, Joe Dusenbury, Bakari J.B., Atare, Azeezah Gray, Keef Joseph , Shafia Gray, April Stanford, Gabriel . Rahim Gray., Edwin Matos, Christina Lee, Zarinah G. , Richard Jr. Kesina G. Jaquan H., Laura V, Naimah S.,Shreice H., Majerie O. Joesph, Michael Graham, Michelle S. Raheem W.,Suave Harrison, The Bridge Sound and Stage, Janos Arcitype Fulop, The Foundation Movement, Eroc, Optimus Prime, Wreck Shop Movement , Justice Born, Mark Merren, Motivate Mondays Church Boston, Nighthawkradio and the whole team , Hiphopdigestshow .com, VCR Vernon C Robinson , YGB Young Gifted & Black, Baba Rumas , Aaron Green, Dan Mcdondald, Amber Santiago, Anthony Thomas, Nick Stringer, Rae Catchings, Julie Rivera, Ofats, Demakis Tech MIc, Retention Frontiers, Sean Low, Rob Ferragamo, Arafat Akbar, Matt Ganem, Jha D, Tom O'Melia, Leola Summers, Tavonna Miller, Bebe Mb, David Lightfoot Bellow, Catherine Mangold, Paul Williams, Janine & Sid Porter, Kyle DeBergo, Melvin Green, Josh Orlandino, The whole Pescosolido Family, Mars Jupiter,Ester Jean, Cecil Moreira, Catch Wreck, Jen Correia, Lakeshia Pearson, Flyg Rico D, Olasco Boston, Alex Mathew, Matt Green, Big Brother Sadi, Yemi Prestig, Cara Diaz, Wayne Horton



all rights reserved


Colored Gray Burkina Faso

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Transparency its the Truth peace

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Track Name: The Window
Transparency The truth
If I told you the truth
Would you even believe me
Would I even believe me
Will they embrace me or
besiege me
Will you erase me or receive me
For I am just a refection of you
And sometimes you reject what you view
Mutilation gains both aversation and congratulations / graffiti is banned but check in the homes of the wealthy and man
be surprised , there's beauty in both the chaos and the synchronized
Ups and downs is life's pulse
Its means you alive
Overcome your fears and you will thrive
Overcome your tears and you will laugh
Have a blast mlk through death is free at last
Truth is water and we all need it bad , need a bath do the math
But instead they put fluoride in it
You looking at me like my face had four eyes in it
But if we can't fix the basics
Our prezmature demise we gon face it
Delivering a stillborn
Its human nature to do both
Build and destroy
So we fill In the void
Tears is the guitar
They flow when you struck the cord
They act like children that's why we call em D boys
And in reference to uncle Sam we gotta call a child not the man
But u scard they gonna hop up out the van tie you in plastic bands
Dump you in plastic cans
This ain't breaking bad
But they won't be happy until they break you bad ,
Truth is when I'm 100 % honest
Don't mistake it for being mad
Instead take it as evidence
Never as arrogance
The truth is the truth is never permanent over every moment but in every moment its infinite
Only when its slightly dirty can you witness transparent bliss

And not much can get as transparent as this ,
They say the eyes is the window to the soul and the prizes dwindle as you get old
Absence of human touch when your days old
Will cause the baby to grow cold and die before she or he is even weeks old
We need each other more than you know and more we show
Track Name: You Were There
You were there
You were there for them ups and downs like a stockbroker/
Set sail
And also we set there /
On auntie marleahs sofa /
Watching the WWF /
We was almost scared half to death
For val Venus / lights went out /
We thought that the crowd seen it/
Fast forward / we avoided the crowded scenic / man few is realer/
My brother you traded your soul For jamelya / proud dad watching his only daughter grow realer/
For that fuck dap / I give you a pound like a gorilla / what I'm delivering make you feel numb like a coke dealer / you a role model /
Those who lead will follow
Those who bleed we'll coddle
If you crying grab you a bottle
Or maybe a binky
Cuz I swear I'm meaning a pinky
Say what again I dare ya I double dare ya

You brought me into rap you that Malcolm and I'm that farahkhan
Expect when you exposing the industry you already know what side I'm on / I'm dying witchu
More importantly I'm riding witchu
so far from the superficial /
These stars will shoot to kiss you
The minute we Formed x rated
The groups official /
Missing an element / add a touch of e / ahh its perfect we magnifique/
but j.b. accept my sympathy for any of my blasphemy /
I hold my head high no excuses when he or she ask for me/
I record it so accurately /
You would of thought my conception was immaculately/
Placed by the ruler of this rat race
Sad You get mudusad for trying to get the facts straight
Funny No lawyer will take that case you a child prodigy grown into a creature possession mythical properties master of this spiritual monopoly and i thank you for taking me with you on this lyrical Odyssey

I'm far from a cross over
I'm crashing I'm not sober
Then I'm thrashing your broads chocha
O You a prophet then I'm smacking up gods Chauffeur
You could never fit in these large loafers
Spiting the fire for these none smokers
A Peaceful warrior you are the epitome / not one soul in Harvard is capable of matching your wizardry
your words paint pictures like you mastered calligraphy
Add them all together they still not near your intensity
And I'm keeping it a century
Not to mention the perfect technique/ that your known to implore
We started on the bottom floor
Now your a titan and your son is the god of war
So if you send your armies all that means is you gonna have a lot liquor you gotta pour
So then you should just count your blessings like a dollar store
And if your fronting trust me he'll give you something to holla for
Trust me your not hardcore
No ones a tough guy
Because they can bust five
you think so / you a disgrace
And deserve a high five/
right in the face
We gave chase / to that bigot on foot but he got away/ I got lost night fell / you stole that old bike/ then you yelled for me/
Track Name: Love ( ft. A.Zero )
When you got all its hard to show
Numbed by the materials
Its hard to know
Succumbed to the fear in you
And its hard to grow
Symptom of delirium
Is hard to diagnosis
When the doctors are the ones
Who need a higher dose
Crazy that a fiene
is who I admire most
I'll take my chances
And undermine the quote
I keep my enemies far
And all my friends close
Now that's

Love is simple / every inch though/ is such a hardship/ cause when you start it's like you a starship first you blast off you get so high but then you crash hard break into little pieces then put them back together enjoy the sunny days survive the rainy weather but then it turned to pressure our heads start getting lighter I want to let go you start the hold tighter but then its vice versa sometimes the opposite we do this over and over it get monotonous we still grow together same time we grow apart you like we gotta talk I'm like damn I know this part damn shorty I know its hard you making sense but I'm not really feeling it but if our position switched I wouldn't be hearing it we learn from experience but make the same mistakes been through so much but end up in the same place because love is simple though its just conditional it's never going one direction just kind of back and forth then it's quick to have you stressing never backing off and then one day you wake up and you mad it's gone just realize that it was never there cause love be a lot of things but it is never fair so I say try hard not to fall cause what most call love is not love at all

Love is knowing when to let go
Love is being able to say no
Its being able to listen and
Not afraid to say something. different
Its knows no color no shape and no sizes , no birth place and it compromise's, now thats
Track Name: My Own Home
We all Sheep
Not me/ the real speak/
in terms of we/
to reveal bleak, terms is key/
that turns the key /
that opens the seal of what binds the weak,
no limit to what WE can complete/ when great minds ill meet /
stellar collision /
just tel her ya vision/
we can confidently guarantee / she'll tune in ,
but not that she'll listen /
if you botching what we're pitching / we'll catch you up on the flip then / that's flip side /
Most don't know WHY they want a chick with thick thighs /
child bearer /
depending upon your era /
its birth childhood then Paul bearer / cause of them guys decided to ride like Paul Rivera /
im preparing ya /
for a mass recall on our college degrees/
when we're made inferior,
by the machines /
Tickets for sagging ya jeans /
Just a snippet of what's not yet to be seen /
trust me your not alone
But the battle begins in
My own home

Online out of line
All about the dollar sign
Bowling for colmbine
Sign on the dotted line
Spare soul s hard to find
Shoe in for hater of the year
French pardon mine
Fuck is a rainbow to you if born color blind
Storm don't go away just because you shut your blinds
If you shuck and jive chucking lies I must oblige , brain I'm exercise
Retrain my frame of mind I take extra strides , lack of intelligence if you use pesticides , of chemical elements that's known to make stress and die , lama said u sacrifice , health to make a extra dime and then wealth to make you stay alive , arrogance will make you pay the price , so I hope held your savings tight , death comes and it will make you stay the night
I'm out late got a beautiful women inside my gates , but what you're eating looks better upon your plate , desiring a taste , rationale is haven't been getting along as of late so when I'm out looking for scabs to scrape ,be another man feeding u grapes in

They giving you a mortgage
Even though you can't afford it
Tricking you with a rate that's sub prime
Sticking you with a hush crime
Causing more damage then those who crush dimes ,its alarming in the head they call it a arm cause it cost a arm and leg , cause after 5 when that rate rise you gonna see yo shadow up the creek without a paddle cause now you underwater cant say they don't warns us
They waterboarding the homeowners
But you got selective hearing and reading , cause the goal is all that you seeing , why won't you read , curse of the human centipede
Cent iPad , real estate ain't real they gonna take it back , the US is just a big ass casino , the house always wins just ask reno , but once you pop the top you just can't stop just ask Pringles , find yourself dancing for singles , missing your shingles
In the gutter is where tears go ,
And when they ask why did you do it when the truth was known you reply it was because I wanted
Track Name: Modern Man
And since the technology makes it so they can kill without stepping on a single soul your consciousness suddenly cleared whole receive pity when the Machine deceives and proceeds to declare war in your city No we are going to get down to the nitty gritty though we all agree to disagree on the stories accuracy and instead take focus on the things that we can see to humans get blinded and diagnosis with the catarac me and argue over the color of a laundromat that's already been reduced to a mound of rubble and ash funny that we found how most people argue over the pounds of the Hello Kitty and the cash truth is hard to carry so we see them in the mask because it's hard to bury so we see them in the cask because it's hard to break so we leave them in the past and we all just need to take a class
Track Name: Constellation Libra ( ft. April Stanford )
I won't cry no more not going to cry No we need action its time for action

I took a hiatus so I can get high haters and I ain't even need to buy papers getting a buzz and I ain't even need it on vibrate I guess I got it on silent plan to take the game by a storm and its on violent running to the game of life like Walter Payton yet Manning my station avoiding the altercations it's more than just alterations when you're suited up for war it's bogus because it's more than a bogey that your facing but you don't even see it when its in front of your faces yet alone when you seeing those hundreds in cases all I'm seeing is my family get hundreds of cases just because of their faces

I won't cry no more not going to cry No

Its funny I've been saying I'm not religious almost religiously and realize that I'm a wizard because I paint pictures exquisite with these words almost calligraphy how I became this nice almost a mystery let me give you some history let's backtrack I came to be we're all a ball of energy so when I came to B he put the flame to me ignited a star I'm Jupiter on the path to receive a future awe this mike is my staff kit your mind is a basket so it truly is Magic that I shoot at y'all Houston we got a problem your going to witness an undiscovered Legend life is a drug and death is the true withdrawal except the bank statements show zero I'm no hero this rap is good for your health its no gyro sleeping with no pillow watching the smoke billow

I won't cry no more not going to cry No
Track Name: 2min 28sec later
I'm done lying to myself
This is the last lie /
The answer to the universe
Is just to ask why /
And if you answer with truth
Its a sure bet /
Yet if you perpetrating you get placed in perpetual check /
We admire those with
extraordinary Abilities /
Giving off the impression
of invincibility/
Yet secretly we salivate at the possibility / of them being brought back in the realm of human being qualities/
So when they kill our leaders we shed a tear /
But deep down we happy that they are no longer here /
Because its easier for us to live with ourselves without them /
They a reflection of a mind not wasted in the middle of their life episode canceled just like Malcolm/
Sad when a hero recognizes the soon to be outcome/
And no one can help them/
And even worse when the people their saving have the audacity to and doubt them /
Your house on fire /
You asleep and the firefighter
Enters your suite /
and says follow me/
you reply confidently /
Sir your going in the wrong direction/
and then what ensues /
Your family sues/
Open yours eyes dude /
This isn't Penelope Cruz/
Developing rules /
I feel I'm the human inside of the elephants room/
and every lie has been delicately
Groomed /
sweeping the truth married to the falsehood
No wonder your jumping the broom/
they waiting on the queen to quietly enter her tomb/
So the duke can nuke em /
we Are entering doom/
Not to mention all the gloom/
Never be famous cause I sing
To a different tune /
Rap shit is watered down like its
Diet consisted of prunes /
Everyone is tripping like it also included some shrooms/
They say its a Arab spring /
Sure thing , well I'm waiting on every single human to bloom/
Track Name: Abducted ( ft. Keef )
(chorus) Im just a Poor Poor wayfaring stranger.
Looking for peace we find solitude looking for love we find gratitude looking for longevity we find latitude learn to change your attitude or else your attitude will change you

Wazir Verse
They abduct you with the desired to self destruct you right after they suck you and acquire the very essence that constructs you they are our nemesis one thing they fear is our penmanship and our unity so usually they attempt to dismember it you no longer remember it with the neuralyzer you just been hit we shed enough tears so now we headed up stairs we had enough stares from people who don't care I promise we can prosper never be the aggressor we gladly will be the successor of Thomas Sankara never betray that's the job of blaise even though we seen harder days we got a scale the wall of the maze
Like a whale take a gaze spy hopping its 3d truth is just eye popping watch the Fourth Kind the proof will defy logic giving birth to an idea that's worth more then the monetary compensation the Imperialist could appear they label you psychotic its way past ironic inducing you just to vomit Russia just got struck by comets and trust me just gotta spawn it it'll save your head its iconic every single one of us is a leader of the revolution of conscience we all gain so me a profit nah and you can check my closets you'll see ...

(chorus) im just a poor poor wayfairing stranger
Looking for peace we find solitude looking for love we find gratitude looking for longevity we find latitude learn to change your attitude or else your attitude will change you

Keef verse
First they take us from our mother make us hate our brothers they rape our sisters in front us everything I love is tooken from me whips upon my back they givith and want it back and what hurts the most is that my mama never came looking for me and often living on rations and portions until I was taught the craft of extortion now I am just acting according and they reacting with enforcement so when I'm backed in the corner and I'm backing that thing out and warn ya I'm a savage now I'm a goner I'm not aggressive, I'm oppressed dear god how could you let this get this far how many of your other children did you test this hard I understand progress comes with pain so blessed these scars the force their ways up on me tell me I should feel lucky abduct me then call me ugly what a hospitable country what would you say if you confronted your abductor could you muster up the strength to tell em I love ya

Looking for peace we find solitude looking for love we find gratitude looking for longevity we find latitude learn to change your attitude or else your attitude will change you
Track Name: The Veil ( ft. A.Zero )
Come from a city
where you die over pennies
& the sound of the semi
make a nigga hit the ground
like the clown at the semi
formal I'm abnormal
yo act normal when see them niggas in the uniform tho
And they lines is as cheesey as them bitches in a porno
Cuz they trying fuck niggas
Getting stopped looks like your skin was the bad luck niggss
Count your blessing but looking like they not gonna add up niggas
Unless you know some quantum physics /
otherwise you gonna pay your ancestors visit s /
some will I'm biased /
but if I ain't writing bout what I'm living / then I am liers /
well then what do you do when your people you make rich /
you give it back just like that flip of a switch /
You say I'm crazy just take a look itll make some sense /
the ones who kept it longer enough you find out they donated /
what else you gonna do when the girls gourmet food and the gold faded /
pay homage to creation nihga the hood made it /
bring some peace to the streets by bringing cease to the ignorant sweep the government aided ,
now that's getting faded
All yall niggas is simply just getting baited ,
and weed is on that hook
got a nigga shook ,
you say its paranoia ,
I say its unreasonable fear and don't say i neva tried to warn ya , that goes from boston to California from Austin to illnoia
Looks like we got lost in almost every corner
now call the corner
cause I just killed this shit
now call the corner remove the veil now how it feel whats really real
now call the corner remove the veil now how you feel whats really real whats really real

A.Zero verse
Whats real or fake this type of world you can't hesitate it be the make or break whatchu going to do when they raise the stakes and put it on your shoulders can you take the weight you gone walk the walk you going to keep the pace when your back buckle and your knees start to shake unless you gotta jump in this human race you know that life's a bitch and she be in your face they look at us like we out of place they come out they box they ain't feeling safe community behind pearly gates welcome to hell where you easy bake cuz here you food who the nigga then them or you don't look confused all you know about this is what's on the news or maybe world star 2 million views but you don't know until you cop the shoes and not just wear them s**** you got a break em in take a stroll and just take it in and keep walking and till them soul's paper thin then you know about the city where they die over petty little beef gun drugs and deceit don't sleep niggas doing 20 in the beast don't reach unless you coming hard with that heat that's the only way out these cold streets you better grab a rock you better rock the beat but that's the veil your not supposed to see my nigga work a job just so his FAM can eat that don't make the news that don't get the views its just a quick reminder of where our minds is they want the shucking and they want the jiving and they want the shooting and want the violence turn they nose but then they televise it that create the pressure that makes the diamonds that's what's behind it.
Track Name: Time ( ft. Shafia Gray )
The time has come, for us to move on
Don’t hold on, our time is gone
Male: I looked you in the eyes and said “I’m Sorry”
Female: She looked me in the heart and said “It’s too late”
Male: “But since time heals all wounds then that would mean all we have to do is wait”
Female: “but with what you did I would have to assume that we don’t have enough time to wait for how long it will take.”
Male: “but listen I’ll wait for no matter how long it will take, plus I think it will take less than your expecting”
Female: She cut me off and said “But listen I’m expecting”
(Interlude: male heavy breathing)
The first thing that I did was started counting backwards scrambling trying to figure out the last time we put the sacred dance into practice. And to be honest I’m not sure what I was hoping for, because either way I’d be devastated by the results of course
M: Is it mine? / is it time? And how is everything gonna be fine? Got me wondering are all things accidental or is it all determined by intelligent design? Regardless it got wishing that I could just press rewind.
F: go head and press it! I thought you became a man but I guess you missed the message.
M: but that’s proving nothing
F: listen I’m gonna stress it.
M: but either way one of us is losing something and at least I’m man enough to address.
But in this world you get nothing just for your efforts
F: but giving something you can’t see with the naked eye is truly the most precious
M or both: Now the time has come for us to test it
Chorus: The time has come, for us to move on
Don’t hold on, our time is gone
Track Name: Cold Skies ( ft. Shafia, Keef, Azeezah, Bakari J.B. )
Cold Skies


Wazir Verse

Cold Skies no surprise close your eyes feel the vibe
Please don’t kill it / finger on the trigger so please don’t pull it/
Matter fact / scratch that / do your worst / surrounded by the oceans /
Why do we die of thirst / dying of thirst while you’re playing in the pool /
Dying of hunger while you’re playing with your food / Dying of cold while your laying in the AC/
Dying of the AIDS while you in the pussy waist deep / Dying of heat exhaustion while you in the sauna/
I’m Dying of Anticipation to meet this chick named karma /


Keef Verse

I know you waiting you so patient / but I promise one day we gone make it /
I promise if I’m first I won’t leave ya’ll naked / trying to rid you of your claws cuz your no Crustacean/
But Fuck it / some of us were born into the bucket / dreams out of reach you can taste but can’t touch it
Some hate it some escape it and its sad some love it/ kill they own brothers and they call that thuggin/
From what they say back in the day we was on our way/ crack hit and all it stopped /
Now this new flock / they wanna pop molly whops / whooo now you sweating /
Letting a nigga get in more than you getting / get in your head and dig till your spending /
All cause you heard some talk of him flexing / But he got it / so he glow / but he don’t throw you no rope/
And they pick and choose our role models on the tube we don’t get to hear views from a positive dude/
And even if we do / still won’t throw you no rope

Shafia Chorus
We are all in this struggle together / I hope you know / that even if I happen to scale the ladder / I’ll throw a rope

Azeezah Verse
We all in the struggle / trying to make it threw / keep your head up and you’ll always pull through/
Like Kendrick said you gotta keep your cool / like swimming in a pool full of premium liquor /
Careful cuz no matter the label/ it will leave your brain damaged your mind forever altered /
All your thoughts gone and your memory halted / and your unborn seed won’t ever get a chance so please/
Always keep your focus / never let your guard down keep trucking forward / and don’t forget throw me that rope/
Keef And they pick and choose our role models on the tube we don’t get to hear views from a positive dude/
And even if we do / still won’t throw you no rope


Bakari J.B.

From the minute I start the verse / you can do the worst to a young spitter such as myself
Trust my whole team and I trust in myself / I suggestion that ya'll need and that structure might help
But its felt / its Boston and we got mass holes / won’t throw the rope or toss you that lasso / claw your carcass to
make it out that rat hole / Eat off my plate same dudes I go to bat for / done living life in the caves /
Marathon of rap race / life is a maze / it’s a corn field and a mic and a stage/ cutting throats for the money /
You know dying to get paid / we all in the struggle / play the hand you was dealt or get lost in the shuffle /
Rope belt tied around your neck don’t buckle / lose your hands in the jar that’s how the cookie crumbled /
Back to the drawing board / you show love in the cold if your heart was pure / the art of war more than you
bargained for / and you will sell your soul to be a star for sure / I know I see real stars with my eyes closed
Take a deep breath when the skies cold / climb mode and throw my dude a rope ladder we in grind mode
Track Name: What We Once Were ( ft. Gabriel )
You love romance that mean you love tragedy you're really not ready right now but I think gradually you'll see that me making you happy with equal a happy me that's a fair trade bliss awaits when you let your fears I pictured more than a one night stand since the 10th grade this is far from a serenade tell him I heart you can toss away the hearing aid to see the truth glasses are not necessary to fill the proof sexing is not necessary when we embrace its definitely legendary when we give chase life's elixir not the liquor is the sweetest berry so why don't you just go ahead and tell me

Will you be my lady will ya

What we once were was just a blur no pun intended if any man broke your heart I've come to mend it twisted your faith I've come to bend it retracted their hand I've come to lend it your suffering I've come to end it and I don't mean euthanized but i mean disprove the lies sad that the word love has been crucified i having them dreams the Lucid type thoughts going from loose to tight premature thoughts of tying the knot is the NOOSE's type and we goin hang by that rope take it slow and we gonna hang by that boat hope it floats so let's go with the flow and coast until we lose sight of the coast

Will you be my lady will ya
Track Name: So lo w
sitting in this bright room waiting for it to dim down where the harsh realities of life are setting in now if I really was that nice I would have been found flow really was that deep I would have been drowned if I really was royalty I would have been crowned hoes really was that sweet I would have been crowned or at least a root canal age made my Superman mentality clash with mortality I'm more of a Luther now
Gonna wash away my sins pass me that luffa now light pollution made it so we got nothin to shoot for now feeling like Denzel in that book of Eli wrestling with my future showing my Booker T side life is up and down and it's similar to a see saw if you don't appreciate it you need to go see saw I'm on that road to redemption walking I don't need a car final destination's approaching it's on my radar so what you say y'all I'll see you at the graveyard just quit your day job and the possibilities of the opportunities will amaze y'all

I love my family but I'm doing this solo I reach the top only because I've been so low

I was born right next to the zoo yet I lived in the zoo felt boxed in so I fought my way out like Kostya Tszyu dont let them tell you that anything is possible okay then I'm taking over this island of rap like Rastas do or should I say did many times I reminisce on the blunts I used to twist but I gotta stay clear headed very often wondering where I'm headed but most of y'all is chicken and you lightly breaded that mean you scared and you lacking paper quick to smack a hater with some proof you hearing the vocal gladiator need some proof a mix between Russell Crow and a Che Guevara looking for peace well here's the answer grab a mirror it should a appear up you see it clearer then hold it nearer then hold it dearer
Track Name: Honest Statement ( ft. Shafia Gray )

I don't deserve ya No
I don't deserve ya I don't deserve ya I don't deserve ya I don't deserve ya
I don't deserve ya

"But what is skydiving without the fall "

I don't deserve ya I don't deserve ya I don't deserve ya
I don't deserve ya

"So why don't you let me bring you far away / towards the stars let's take this plunge together

I don't deserve you Cuz I haven't worked hard
Fly away with me just fly away with me

I learned that less is more when I learned my lessons your/ a landmark on my road map of life I got lost but came back to ask you twice/ for directions its obvious that you were what was destined not to remain stagnant is our only occupation now termination by separation is what were facing in our store of love we was front and facing but I got the pink slip when you called in loss prevention I lost my best friend


"So why don't you let me bring you far away / towards the stars let's take this plunge together

"I haven't earned ya Cuz I haven't worked hard "
Fly away with me just fly away with me
I haven't earned ya no I haven't earned ya I haven't earned ya
I haven't earned ya I haven't earned ya "

And "love is something you can't buy at the mall "

I haven't earned ya I haven't earned ya "

And I'm not being childish just being honest 100 percent from the brain my heart was shrouded in dissent fears the foulest of the scents while you wallow in the stench in the trench of lies hoping the torrential downpour from them open eyes will wash away your dirt and grime nah only if you scrub for a certain time depending on how much you let it all build up you lifting the filth up you can't improve with a filled cup / its time to empty that let's bring the basics back

I don't deserve ya No
I don't deserve ya I don't deserve ya I don't deserve ya I haven't earned ya I haven't earned ya

Love is something you can't buy at all

I don't deserve ya I haven't earned ya I don't deserve ya I haven't earned ya

So why don't you let me bring you far away / towards the stars let's take this plunge together"

But what is skydiving without the fall
"fly away with me just fly away with me"
Track Name: Sunset ( ft. Shafia )
I don't believe in no royal bloodlines cuz in breeding be leading to retardedness autistic kids murderers and sodemness so I'm just waiting for the king and queen the Fall like autumn is Amir asked me knowing what you knowing how can you be apart of this and I took to heart to this she pricked my consciousness made me want to quit my accomplishments in my career an honest look would show I haven't accomplished shit so if I was put here for a reason then my wages a higher power should want to garnish it cuz I'm a precious metal and my lack of exposure will surely tarnish it so I decided to polish it a slave to my 9 to 5 decided to abolish it

Imagine a sunset in a closer future
Where if you get too close and I don't know you I'll shoot ya

so now I roam through these streets and my main priority is to find something to eat somewhere to sleep funny how everyone is petrified of an apocalypse when for 1/3 of the world this already exist I guess I see through the mists went from Schindler's List to a guest list from a slave trade to an NBA trade and I didn't make either I confess this but that didn't make me any More bitter find out your playing a game you can't be a winner but that didn't make me any more of a quitter I just decided to revolt doing the same thing yet expecting a different result is the definition of insanity but I feel I'm a victim of my vanity and so they banish me is it a nightmare or a fantasy I guess I'm out of my league id rather die on my feet before I live on my knees brother please

Imagine a sunset in a closer future
Where if you get too close and I don't know you I'll shoot ya
Track Name: Amazing Breakdown
They say attachment is the causation of suffering/
but the lack of it is the sensation of nothing then/
and the confinement of the solitude/
is labeled as inhumane/
the more that you lose/ the more that you gain/
so its not insane/ to say that you are in love with the pain/
we died of asphyxiation so I'm surprised that you came/
them tears fell/ cause its at the end of our reign /
life is a motorcycle and its at the end of our chain/
fifth gear, no gear, Road Rash, don't care, no fear, well fear,
but overcoming it for our welfare/
and we will live well fair/
cause wherever there's justice there's peace there/
it's no longer balanced so you said peace dear/
and take care/ and I couldn't be more grateful/
simultaneously couldn't be more painful/
one thing is a new thing at every different angle/
so what's your perspective/
no longer holding on to let you know I decided to/

There's beauty in the breakdown/
and you can push the brake down/
at high speeds its gonn shake now/
and this isn't a shake down/
but a breakup is its own sound/
depending on if it's coming or going/
you coming or going/
stare too long in your rear view/
you'll crash wherever you going/
then you call towing/
hoping to get a lift/ but the twist/
is that that number just don't exist/
cause once they get you to wherever your trying to get/
that's it!/ so you should never forget/
who you broke down with/
Plus that gives you time to reminisce/
on the good times put emphasis/
on good but how equally important the bad ones is/
bad like that gramma just was/ mad at your family because/
they try to dictate who you should love/ so you should just

So now that I have less/ let's travel the Atlas/
and put the fears at rest/ at best this is a miniature conquest/
but we ain't pretending about nothing/
it's just that you pushed my Benjamin Button/
we don't need the Benjamins for nothing/
we were born into the suffering/
you Merely adopted it/ attracted to opposites/
but an artificial magnet loses its power fairly quick/
so love has to be natural for it to stick/
reversal of polarity/ you don't see the hilarity/
hoochies want to marry me/ these suckers wanna to date you/
I just want to elevate you/ to a place you've never been to/
but you gotta have a breakdown/ to have a breakthrough/
so why don't you
Track Name: Hollow Drum
Let it go let it go, let it go let it go

I said I'm sad cuz no words can explain how I'm feeling/
and saying that ruins it/
she said they don't say nothing at all/
how deafening the silence is/
so we wrap to our heart beats/
rooms getting cold so we wrapped up in our sheets/
plenty of body heat/ no sexing that I speak/ wrapped up in darkness/
letting our minds link/ no cable needed/ or WiFi believe it/
its no secret/ two became one/ we just listened to

That's right all night
Burning desire our time had expired burning desire
I passed on gone to soon from the bed to the womb

You're screaming at me my jaw couldn't be tighter/
we both have our fists clenched/ knuckles couldn't be whiter/
sweat pouring down our faces/ clothes couldn't be wetter/
sudden silence/ you can hear the drop of a feather/
were both shedding tears together/ Cuz what we made couldn't be better/
1 from the combination of 2/
but no punching like a verse that u got flawlessly through/
what exited the womb/ entered the room/ a new tune/

New born, born again
Burning desire our personal time had expired burning desire our own time has expired
I passed on gone to soon from the bed to the womb to the bed from the womb
I passed on gone to soon from the bed to the womb to the bed from the womb

Surrounded by my audience setting the stage now/
pulled apart the curtains and then I just laid down/
are you ready for a show ?/
Disappearing act surprised when they said no!/
I guess they need some convincing/
my specialty is the wisdom/ I said not only will I vanish either/
ill increase the volume in the room without lifting a finger/
they say it's darkest just before the dawn/
so your heart beats the loudest just before the calm/ i'm gone...

They got it and said it was

I passed on / gone to soon / from the bed to the womb / to the bed from the womb / to the bed to the tomb

I'm gone
Can't live forever but what you did will live forever
Track Name: Where Have You Gone
Where have you gone some things have gone wrong but what hurts most of all is you haven't called

In the beginning we shed crocodile tears enough that will fill the roof or ceiling only to be replaced by the caterpillar future's feeling and that will keep a suit from kneeling and that will keep the truth from revealing... the truth is the healing and our laughter was louder and obnoxious but pure cause nothing was clouding up our optics and complicating the process with overwhelming logic we giggle at the smallest and cry at the slightest mortals in combat the heart is where your testing your might at ... we fall and get right back.. the pain don't last we recover fast so fast that we don't remember the past all we see is the future I proclaim our undying love all they seem to do is refute ya but we ignore em continue dancing up in the storm exhibiting beautiful form

Where have you gone ... some things have gone wrong... but what hurts most of all... is you haven't called

Some things are starting to feel funny not just the feeling but the feeling of remembering what they was saying to me deja vu Groundhog Day part 2 how could this happen we never always agreed but it's clear we're starting to disagree more predominantly I wanna stay up late all you're trying to do is sleep I wanna play basketball with my team but your complaining about your knees I bought two scoops of the sweetest ice cream but you're complaining about your teeth bought a bestseller book you're complaining you can't see I can see you no longer easy to please a lesser man would be eager to leave but bigger words would be easy to read the hard of sight leading the blind you follow I'll lead there you go I can see you starting to cheese flashbacks of what we start in our teens

Where have you gone some things have gone wrong but what hurts most of all is you haven't called

Now it's clear as a day in Bora Bora what we had is no more what left was the pulse sweeter than a pineapple with no core body aching so with Epsom salt we soak more depending on how you live you smile or sulk more hope is the foundation I'm hoping you washing yo floor and yet its the same for the Burj Khalifa hope can save and also can aid in the suicide of a believer but now that were separated all I have is the memories of the greatest moments that we created the sad times have faded the good ones is last to go so when they say the good die young I say no where have you gone I now know some things have gone wrong I got old but what hurts most of all is you haven't called... my youth is gone

Where have you gone... things have gone wrong ... what hurts most of all is you... haven't called my youth is gone
Track Name: Can't Stop
Thinking about you is causing the complications/
so a conversation is the proper compensation/
we both belong to the truth persuasion/
a new sensation/
is to remove the trepidation/
but that don't mean the replacement with the sedation/ only the time is what we are racing/ only the love is what we are chasing/
so baby we're not human/
when were not consuming/
the drugs material's or sexual unions/
so what are we pursuing?/
Sense of security ? /
I'm Ron Burgundy?/
That's for those thinking it's scripted /
I was presented with you/
so I'm not conceited for saying and thinking I'm gifted/
and every night I unwrap you/
It bring a smile to/
And I ain't getting sick of it/
Fatally attracted to/
What kills on the first use of it/
So I'm convinced/
attempts to resist/
There's really no use of it/

It must be a drug/
It must be a drug/
What was it called again?/
It must be a drug/
It must be a drug/
O yeah a drug called love/
It must be a drug/ a drug called love/ to much or not enough of/
A drug called love a drug called love a drug called / Cuz I can't stop/
Thinking about you/
Thinking about you/
Thinking about you/

So here we go again/
brought back to a place we both gave been/
Comfortable in/ our own skin/
And I ain't say causal/
True... love is gradual/
But True Love is Magical/
We both met while we was on a leave of sabbatical/
It all added up/
but you was the free radical/
And nah I ain't mad at you/
And Yeah they all say it/
But none made you feel it/
how I was able to.

It must be a drug/
It must be a drug/
What was it called again?/
It must be a drug/
It must be a drug/
O yeah a drug called love/
It must be a drug/ a drug called love/ to much or not enough of/
A drug called love a drug called love a drug called / Cuz I can't stop/
Thinking about you/
Thinking about you/
Thinking about you/
Track Name: The Next Three Days
"Ughhh you gotta get me to a hospital "
I'm a get you to a doctor sympathy that he shot ya but no good deed goes unnoticed and no bad deed goes unpunished and no human being goes untarnished just know that the truth never says no comment the most beautiful meal served with no garnish deceitful words they serve cause the truth they won't brandish I know it seems outlandish but they starving us of the truth making evil fair seeming we looking famished

What would you do for your loved ones/
what would you do if you loved one/
what wouldn't you do for your loved one/
what shouldn't you do to your loved ones ( say word )

they break down our door they hemming you up and I don't know what for our kid is crying but I am just screaming more "what is she guilty of" they replied " she put a lady up in the morgue" all four at the same time jaw heart tears and body they hit the floor fast forward it stuck in court as I visit you in that visiting in room you said "this is something you're not gonna be able to do" our son barely gives you a view

What would you do for your loved ones/
what would you do if you loved one/
what wouldn't you do for your loved one/
what shouldn't you do to your loved ones ( say word )

I'm a break you out of this prison cuz without you there's barely a point of living so I copped a Glock robbing a bank really just isn't an option but I know this meth lab and stealing from a thief Morally isn't that bad at least I think two wrongs don't make make it right it make it bad twice but that's something I would do for love one so I knocked on the door and waited for the thug to come

What would you do for your loved ones/
what would you do if you loved one/
what wouldn't you do for your loved one/
what shouldn't you do to your loved ones ( say word )

And I kicked it in as soon as he took a peek dog barking cause at me it was trying to eat gun butted him now blood is streaming right from his teeth yoked him up as a body shield yelled at the other cat drop the gat right near feet "now where the safe at" " I don't know " gunshot "don't make me repeat that" lit a match " ITS UP STAIRS! PUT THAT OUT OR THE WHOLE HOUSE WILL GO UP IN AN INCREDIBLE FLARE " I grabbed a stash of untraceable cash and in that flash ankle strap he shot back hit his goon in the torso " don't leave me here!" now I'm feeling remorseful grabbed him and threw him in the back of the rental
"Ughhhh you gotta get me to a hospital "

What would you do for your loved ones/
what would you do if you loved one/
what wouldn't you do for your loved one/
what shouldn't you do to your loved ones ( say word )

I'm a get you to a doctor sympathy that he shot ya but no good deed goes unnoticed and no bad deed goes unpunished and no human being goes untarnished just know that the truth never says no comment the most beautiful meal served with no garnish deceitful words they serve cause the truth they won't brandish I know it seems outlandish but they starving you of the truth making evil fair seeming you looking famished

What would you do for your loved ones/
what would you do if you loved one/
what wouldn't you do for your loved one/
what shouldn't you do to your loved ones ( say word )

We in flight but we've been running our whole life this ain't nothin new as I break you out of that hospital room hop in the back I got a plan to the train station than " thanks for giving us a lift, you sure you don't want any money for this?" nah what they don't get is the pigs set a 15 mile radius looking for 3 they made it 5 so we made it through the tolls scott free to the airport TSA is sloppy counterfeit documents "enjoy your trip" I give my compliments paradise new life in a country that doesn't extradite

that's what I would do for love one
that's what I would do for love one
that's what I would do for love one
that's what I would do for love one
Track Name: We Must Not Let It ( ft. Alan Watts, Bakari J.B.)
What If money was no object
It would be funny there'd be no projects , scouts no longer looking for prospects , hookers no longer looking for hot sex, no colleges ,still organized learning , but comprised of only for what you have a yearning , no loans to default on , only form we taking is vultron , defending the very earth that we walk on , claiming you have a heart , but the pulse gone , replaced by a cold coin no more non profit groups ,or mercenary troops , cause we'd all be doing what we love to do , and that's what we love to have done to ourselves , and by a bullet no one want's to get penetrated , and by a government wants to get incarcerated , but maybe my thoughts is jaded , tragedy rich is the only thought to determine whether or not you made it
Maybe because the stars have faded , ever the get that feeling that you should know , or that your on the Truman show , sad life inside of a cubicle , when you have a talent that's unusual,
We must not let it
dreams are the oil
Yet The flame of the greed will destroy you
we must not let it

Bakari J.B.
Do wazir gray's matters matter, through the black white and gray matter
Be careful of the future you chase after/
Doubt comes, We must not let in
We got dreams we must let out/
Trapped in trying to get out/
Pray you make the destination when u set out/
Some of us should change attitude/
Mapquest your latitude off the avenue/
And some of ya'll would rather school/
I would agree that it's indeed the turn for all our seeds to learn/
Don't let a loan deferred be a dream deferred
And pass up on ya'll goals in stead of one timing/
Open up the blinds on your eyes and let the sun shine in/
Let freedom ring louder than a blood diamond/
Dream are the oil, fuel for the fire/
Fire up the engine and use the new tires/
We know you work hard at times you too tired/
And get no credit/ but you not allowed to be sleepy, fighting for dreams, the urge to quit seems easy/
and it could break you if it ever overtakes you, but don't let it don't let it